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Hi, I’m Kenzie. Also known as my alias, Kat.

As a Sophomore in college, I started this blog as Kat’s Connections in 2016 with the inspiration to share my travel stories after my first trip out of the country. Over the years, I honed my writing technique and realized that my passion in life expanded beyond my passport which led me to the reimagined blog that is now known as Liv Wandering which focuses on not only travel but lifestyle and wellness as well.

Liv Wandering, as the name suggests is a blog where I encourage the ideology that we can wander through life without having a destination in mind. Sometimes our passions are what lead us to the best things in life. Other times our passions for certain things slowly fade and we pick up new ones on the way. That being said, I encourage you to wander through my website to see if any lifestyle, travel, or wellness topics spark your interest. Who knows, maybe it’ll lead to something wonderful.


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