Silent Workouts: Great for Travel and Home Life

Traveling and wondering how to keep your workout routine?

When traveling, I like to find hotels with a workout center which can be hit or miss seeing as I am a university student. When plan A fails, I move to plan b for in-room silent workouts. That leaves me to workout in my hotel room, which isn’t very realistic when doing a HIIT workout. However, there are different workouts below that will make you burn the calories and not receive a noise complaint.

Woman With Red Top And Black Shorts On Purple Yoga Mat

Calisthenics and body weight workouts

I follow the V Shred program and have found most of the workouts are perfect to sweat off the jetlag. These workouts are perfect for the noise dilemma but get the heart pumping.

Here is a compiled list of beginner moves that work on the full body. Pick your desired exercises from the list, click the link to see the video on how to tackle each, and feel the burn.


Glute Bridge (4:00): on your back, bend your knees and lift hips up and down

Downward Dog Leg Lifts: In a plank position walk your feet toward your hands to make a V shape. Start in that position and lift your leg straight behind you and bring back down. Alternate legs.


Forward: stand in place and place one leg forward into a lunge. Bring the front leg back to meet your other leg. Switch legs and repeat.

Walking with knee raise: Start with normal lunge but continue moving forward by bringing back leg forward and lift knee high before placing it down into another lunge.

Reverse lunges: stand in place and

Pulse lunges: step forward like a normal lunge and pulse on that leg up and down.


Bodyweight squat (2:45): no weights needed

Sumo Squat: basically a wide-legged squat



Side-to-side Pushups: Pushup, move to your right, pushup, move back.

Pushup to side plank: pushup, rotate to the right side and lift into side plank. Go back down to pushup and switch to left plank.

Tricep dip: Use a chair or the floor. Extending legs makes it more challenging


Dead Bug: On your back have arms and legs stretched straight up. Move opposite arm and opposite leg to the floor and alternate.

Reverse Crunches: on your back tuck your legs up and use lower abs to lift legs off the floor.

Toe Touches (1:35): on your back lift your legs straight in the air almost 90 degrees and touch your toes.

Bicycles (2:11): slower pace means more burn

Rollover Crunches: lay on your back with legs bent. With straight arms and hands on your legs slowly lift with your abs until your hands surpass your knees. Go back down and repeat.

Image result for emi wong 15 minute hiit

HIIT workouts

I love the workouts above because they remind me of my collegiate athlete days, but don’t fret if you aren’t into circuits. I also enjoy a good silent HIIT work out like that you can find on YouTube easily.

Aly, my all-time favorite workout inspiration and my long-time friend suggested a playlist she uses for her workouts. The list included HIIT workouts that are low-impact, high intensity, and 30-90 minutes long.  Her personal favorite is Millionaire Hoy.

I’ve recently discovered Emi Wong. She has a couple silent workouts that get my adrenaline going within a matter of fifteen minutes. She has suggested videos for nutrition and other workouts on her channel as well!

person doing yoga on floor


The last suggestion I have for you today is to have a yoga routine or channel on your side. You can do it outside or in your room because it usually doesn’t require a ton of space. I found a YouTube channel a few years ago with the quantity and diversity of practices that I like.

Psyche Truth focuses on overall wellness. Different yoga instructors have playlists which allow you to work out with an instructor you find motivating.


Take care of yourself by stretching before and after your workouts. Also be sure to drink plenty of water and don’t get dehydrated. Be your best by taking care of yourself!

What is your favorite silent workout?  Do you have a favorite YouTuber? Let me know in the comments!

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As always be bright and be you

Xxx Kat xxX

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  1. If I only knew about these silent workouts when I “attempted” to workout inside the apartment…hahaha

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