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Kat Rathe works as a writer, reiki practitioner, and visual content creator.

Kat is a multi-disciplinary digital creator who works with wellness, travel, and lifestyle brands.


Travel Vlog–Denver, Colorado

My subscribers wanted it so they got it. A travel vlog dedicated to my followers for wanting to see rather than read about my travels. This trip in particular is about Colorado. Enjoy!

Elevate Your Next San Diego Trip to Inspire Influence

San Diego is great however you experience it but I found places that will take your trip to the next influencer level. This feature includes the cutest edible trend, real-life Disney princess romance, and scenic getaways to step up your Instagram selfies.

What I Learned After Using Reiki for a Year

Reiki has become habitual and although it definitely drives me to be the person I’m chasing, I know that it also helps the person I was too. This is what a year of reiki looks like.

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Making an Aesthetic Home

After eight years of moving around, I’ve finally found my feng shui. Creating an aesthetic home isn’t easy but I went through all the hard work so you don’t have to. If you want to add an element of aesthetic to your home continue reading…


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